Bunker Hill Revisited 1901-1910

Jacoby Family Reunion 1938 Brighton: Bottom Row 6th from left William Jacoby (big ears-father of Lisa Reeder and Cathy Conroy) (son of Mayme Robinson and Chester A. Jacoby, son of Philip Carl Jacobi, 8th from left Freddy Jacoby (son of Mabel Robinson and Frederick Jacoby, son of Philip Carl Jacoby. In the second row seated straw hat Frederck Jacoby, his wife Mabel, and Annie Ammons Jacoby (wife of Philip Carl Jacobi). Right above Mabel is Harry Jacoby and to his left his wife, Rene. Very Top row 6th from left is Mayme Robinson Jacoby, two to her left is Chester A. Jacoby (her husband), to Chester's left are Chuck ( father of Diane and Charles Jr.) and Chester ( Chick Jr.) A. Jacoby Jr ( father of Daniel Andrew and William Robert Jacoby).
The following are excerpts of a book from the files of the Bunker Hill Gazette, Bunker Hill News and the Bunker Hill Gazette-News, researched and edited with comments by Carl. L. Stanton, April 2003.

Bunker Hill News

May 31, 1883
Births: Yesterday to Casper Jacoby, a daughter
September 6, 1883
Died on Friday, Bertha, aged 3 months and 1 day, only child of Casper J. and Annie Jacoby
November 1, 1883
At the Main Street Depot in St. Louis last Saturday, whule waiting for a train to convey him to Monticello, the venerable Rev. Dr. Post fainted and became unconscious. A young lady beg passersby for assistance but all passed her by for fear of missing their trains. None responded except C. J. Jacoby, of this place, who took the old gentleman in his arms and carried him a couple of blocks and placed him in safe hands. Mr. Jacoby's train was somewhat late, he boarded his train, losing nothing by his disinterested kindness.
May 19, 1884
Louis C. Jacoby, a deaf mute, and a printer of the Jacksonville Deaf-Mute Advance, has been in town visiting his cousin, CJ Jacoby, and made a visit to his office.
August 28, 1884
O. F. Barth was married in Missouri last week, and has been in town for a day or two past wife his bride, visiting CJ Jacoby and other friends. He leaves next week for Georgetown where he will be the Principal of the high school with his wife serving as assistant.
February 5, 1885
Births on Tuesday to CJ Jacoby, a son
March 5, 1885
Albert Sawyer late of the firm Bumman and Huggins will at the first of next month enter CJ Jacoby's furniture house. He is a capable and trustworthy young man whose friends will be happy to see him remain here.
September 3, 1885
Jacoby's horse, harnessed to a wagon and hitched to a post was gored by a cow on Tuesday evening and ran away, making a wreck of the wagon
December 3, 1885
Postmaster Hedley retired as postmaster of Bunker Hill, he was presented with a desk and chair valued at anbout 100 dollars, CJ Jacoby was in attendance.
10 December 1885
CJ Jacoby was called to Brighton last Monday by a telegram informing him of the illness of his father, and the fear of a fatal result. His father did pass at the age of 67
November 19, 1886
Births: On Thursday of last week to CJ Jacoby a daughter
Dec 23, 1886 .....from a retrospective
CJ Jacoby is a young business man of ability and energy. He carries a fine stock and drives a good trade in organs and sewing machines. He takes great interest in the German M.E. church and its Sabbath school.
October 19, 1887
Baby carriages, new styles just in , Jacobys(advertisement)
November 14, 1888 Births: On Saturday to CJ Jacoby, a daughter
Feb 13, 1889
E.W. Hayes, A.N. Yancy, and C. J. Jacoby were in Edwardsville last week; they turned up at a baby showwere nearly 50 youngsters were competeing for 15 prizes. The three men were chosen as the awarding comittee. Hayes discreetly ordered his team and left town at once, the other two stood the storm. They arrived homealive, but were reticent as to the effect their verdict had upon the disappointed mothers.
April 24 1889
C.J. Jacoby was elected treasuer of the town of Bunker Hill.
June 19, 1889
A fiery untamed Texas pony belonging to Ed Dickle ran away on Monday.The animal disdained taking the road and hammered along the sidewalk. Then he made a charge on Jacoby's spring wagon, which stood in front of the store,, nearly upsetting it, while the way Charles Benner shinned up a porch post led to the suspicion hat he had graduated a circus and not a business school.
October 25th , 1889(readers take note) wil be the 15th anniversary of Mr. C. J. Jacoby's career in the furniture and undertaking business in this city. Mr. Jacoby came to this place in the Spring of 1883 and clerked for S. N. Sanford in the gorcery store untill October, when on the 25th he bought out the furniture business of Neil and Constable who were in the building next to M. Sessel's. He continued ther in business until the big fire of September 15, 1893, which detryed half a block of business houses. Mr. Jacoby lost all but 900$ of his $11,000 dollar stock, with only $5000 in insurance.On the morning of the 16th he opened for business in the warehouse just east of Spier's blacksmith shop, and was the first one of the burnt out merchants to resume business.He remained there until a new building could be erected. He also has branch houses in Jerseyville and Nokomis.
Nov 13, 1889
Casper and louis Jacoby, and Peter Jacoby and family were called to Brighton last week to attend the funeral of their kinsman, John Casper Jacoby, Sr.
October 22, 1890 Births: to CJ Jacoby, a son
November 19 1890
Burglers made their rounds again on Thursday night. The bedrooms of C. J. Jacoby and George Drew, both on the ground floor, were entered. Jacoby was relievd of a gold watch and 75 cents in change
Feb 25, 1891(sundry interviews) C.J. Jacoby " I will continue to make my home in Bunker Hill. The Jerseyville business will be carried in principally by my brothers."
April 8 1891
Deaths: John the eleven year old son of Peter Jacoby died on Sunday

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March 1, 1901
On or about 25 April 1901, Monroe T. Philips was shot and killed by William B. Wood in front of E R Welch's store in Woodburn. The cause was a family feud concerning the marriage of daughter of A C Wood married the son of Wm. Woods. The Woods family felt that their sister was being ill treated by the Philips family. William Woods was charged with murder, the coroner was C C Robinson.
August 22 1902
During a severe thunderstorm Wednesday evening, a team belonging to Peter Jacobi and hitched to a plow, were frightened and ran away. They became lost from the driver and as of Wed. evening their whereabouts are unknown.
September 12 1902
Joseph C. Libby, residing just south of town, was found dead in the creek of his farm. The body was lying face downward in 8 inches of water He had left his home that morning to repair a fence near the creek. He was suffering with heart failure. Coroner C C Robinson was summoned and held an inquest that returned a verdict of accidental drowning.
March 6, 1903
At a meeting of the High School class of 1903 the honors of the class were granted by election. The result was as follows: Valedictorian, Oscar Jacoby, Salutatorian, Eugenia Klinefelter.
May 15, 1903
Oscar Jacoby made a grade of 80 in the graduating class of 1903, he was 9th out of 9 graduates(so why Valedictorian?)

Anna, the bright little daughter of Mr. and Mrs C J Jacoby, was severely burned about her hands, body and face last Saturday by fire igniting her dress.
July 17, 1903
Oscar L. Jacoby, the ambitious son of C J Jacoby, Monday received his license as an embalmer from the state board of health.
August 14, 1902
Mr. Harry W. Bryan and Miss Anna L. Robinson were joined in marriage at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Belle Robinson in Liberty Prairie.
October 2, 1903
Four month old child of Susie Wheeler, living about one mile east of Woodburn, mysteriously died last Saturday evening and was buried by the family the same day without the services of an undertaker and without a burial permit. The case appeared suspicious and an investigation was instituted. Coroner Robinson's inquest found no evidence of foul play and the body was reburied.
January 6, 1903
Last Wednesday, Jacoby Brothers (L C Jacoby, Jerseyville; Rev. H C Jacoby, Granite City; W C Jacoby, Jerseyville; C J Jacoby, Bunker Hill) purchased the mammoth establishment in this place.
November 2, 1904
Peter Jacobi and Miss Bertha E. Baab were married at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs Margaret Baab, friday evening.
October 21, 1904
Jencks' livery stable has purchased a coal black team from Prairietown parties, of about 1200 pounds weight and 15 hands high, and a set of silver mounted harness. The team will pull Jacoby Bros.' new funeral car, wearing the new harness, making a splendid appearance.
February 24, 1905
Brice Robinson, aged 77 years, a pioneer of this community, died at his home in Dorchester Wednesday evening
June 30, 1905
Shipman: Mrs. Lucinda Robinson, aged 67 years, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Joseph Raymond, east of Shipman, Wednesday morning, June 28th, 1905..
August 11, 1905
Oscar L Jacoby, oldest son of Mr and Mrs O L Jacoby (misprint?), dies in Alton Wednesday afternoon at 4:30, after some days sickness with appendicitis. He was 20 years old
August 25, 1905
The following from Bunker Hill, successful in the 8th grade examinations were in Carlinville yesterday, attending the exercises of the county: Sadie Carson, Della Jacoby, Mary Hixon, Bertha Huber, Anabel Lewis and Edgar Welch. Mrs Wm. Bauer chaperoned the crowd. They drove all the way.
May 25, 1906
There was a big crowd from here attend the Macoupin Oratorical and Athletic Association meet in Carlinville last Friday. The contestants from the Bunker Hill school were Essay Contest: Hattie Partridge; Reading, Eva Best: Athletics, W E Cummings, Oscar Wise, Laurance Dickie, Cleves Jencks, Walter Jacoby and Theodore Lippoldt.
July 6, 1906
Walter Jacoby, son of W C Jacoby of this city, was taken seriously ill last Saturday. It soon developed that an appendicitis was the cause of his illness. Dr, Schaff of Alton was sent for and with the assistance of Drs. Rinkel and Moore of this city an operation was performed with hope of giving relief. The operation was a splendid success. Gangrene has already developed and had the operation been delayed another day it no doubt would have been of a more serious nature.
February 1, 1907
On last Saturday the ladies of the M.E. church gave a dinner at Union hall, and the way W C Jacoby and L J Bartels stored away the provisions was something remarkable.......It is said by those who are in a position to know, that Jacoby and Bartels can eat more than any other half dozen people in this community(goes on to list a great many dishes both ate)
May 10, 1907
On Monday May 20th, 15 pupils will graduate from BUnker Hill High School: Eva Fredrica Best, Willis Eads Cummings, Georgia Francis Emery, Anna Dorothy Fredrickson, Frances Eugenia Hayes, William Walter Jacoby, Cleves Francis Jencks, Nellie Margaret Neal, Nellie Hale Payne, Grace Carlilie Ridgley, Kathryn Florentine Rinkel, Sylvia Pearl Slifer, Olive Evelyn Welch, Lewis Arthur Sheeler, Oscar Buman Wise.
November 29, 1907
Mr. and Mrs. L C Jacoby of Virden visited friend here Sunday and Monday.
May 15, 1908
The high school commencement exercises will be held at Hubers opera house on Friday night of this week. The class this year was composed of 10 members: E. Ardella Jacoby, Mame B. Deitz, Clara L. Fries, Berha L. Huber, Edgar R, Welch, Alice D. Barnes, Charles Oliver, Pearl Welch, Mary Agnes Connell, Dorthea Jacobi.
May 22, 1908
Promoted from 5th to 6th grade Virgil Jacoby
August 7, 1908
Mr. and Mrs C.J. Jacoby yesterday entertained at their home Mrs P. Hermes, who is now an inmate of th Old Ladies Home, but who for many years lived in the vicinity of Fosterburg. When the parents of Mr. Jacoby came to America about 52 years ago, they landed at New Orleans and C. J. was born on board a steamboat enroute from New Orleans to St. Louis. Mrs Hermes who was an immigrant on the same ship and a passenger on the same steamboat, was employed as a nurse by Mr. and Mrs Jacoby and was his first nurse for a long time. He entertained her handsomely yesterday and the day was made a happy and memorable one for her. She is now 87 years old, but is in good health - Alton Telegraph
August 14, 1908
Edgar Robinson of Dorchester and Miss Emma Enke of Bunker Hill were married in St Louis Wednesday
April 23, 1909
The school board election passed off quietly. W C Jacoby was elected president, I E Sanford and Harry McPherson directors.
August 27, 1909
In commenting about a large family named Weeks which had many deaths had occurred due to Cholera.....C. J. Jacoby of Alton, formerly of Bunker Hill, and his brother W.C. Jacoby, between them buried everyone of the Weeks brothers
July 1, 1910
This evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L E Best in Bunker Hill, the wedding bells will sound for the marriage of Miss Mary Adeline Best to W. Walter Jacoby
September 9, 1910
Born to Mr and Mrs P T Jacoby Sunday afternoon the 4th inst., a girl( no idea)
December 2, 1910
Obituary: Samuel Luther Stiver, age 62....Luis(sp?) Frederick Jacoby age 39(this I think was Louis Jacoby of Virden who had the furniture store there, son of Philip Carl Jacoby of Western Mound, Macoupin County)