CJ Jacoby and Family

Seated Left to right.

Ann, Anna Lippold Jacoby, C. J. Jacoby

Standing Left to right

Philip, Effie, Clara, Caspar, Vernida, Edward
Front Row:

Ken, Helen V, Crandall Verser, Margie Jane(on Crandall's lap), Audrey, Adrienne, Cap, and Jack

Second Row:

Clara, C J Jacoby, Don, Vernida

Back Row:

Ann,Phil, Ruth, Ed, Leola, Walter,Effie

September 17, 1927, pictures obtained from antique dealer in Rhode Island, names are transcribed on back of pictures

Front Row: Audrey, Helen V.
Second Row: Jack, Cap, Adrienne, Ann, Phil, Don, Ruth
Back Row: Anna, C.J., Clara, Effie, Walter, Leola, Ed, Vernida, Crandall, Margie, Jan, Ken
Wedding of Philelle Deschner and Charles Mc Brager

Estelle Deschler on Brides right

Adrienne Jacoby on far right

Edna Schuessler nest to Adrienne Jacoby