Decatur Jacobys

Our second son, William Thomas, was born April 20, 1873, in Rockbridge. He stayed and worked at home and worked the farm until he was 19 years of age: then he worked for himself;at the age of 22 he was married to Ida Scutt of Chesterfield. A few years later he moved to Mattoon, Illinois, where he is following the painting, graining and paper hangers trade. He is doing well. They have one child, Frieda, seventeen years of age.......from the Recollections of Philip Carl Jacobi.

(picture at left is of William and Ida Jacoby, Nov 1955, 60th Wedding Anniversary)

A letter dated 22 November 1955

Dear Bro Fred and Freddie

I am enclosing some shots of our Party Frieda pulled off for uswish you two could of been here. We had a very nice time and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We read seven anniversary cards and also a nice letter congratulating us from Gov and Mrs Stratton. I guess they saw the item in the Carlinville Democrat. Louis Ohler and Virginia(?) were here and they can best tell you of all the happenings. We sure were glad they could be here. I suppose we will be alone Thanksgiving day. But we have a lot to be thankful for as youngsters we still get around
Will close best wishes to both and come see us-Bro Will