Fourth of July

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Words will never do justice to the Fourth of July celebrations that took place in Hagaman. I think with the death of Charlie Jacoby the spirit just went out of those celebrations. Charlie was the glue that held those last great celebrations together. Please don't forget that for years the celebration of the 4th had always been a wonderful experience even without the grand family free for all it evolved into.

As a very young child I remember vaguely sitting in chairs outside of the house in Hagaman with my mom and dad, Chick and Mayme Jacoby, my grandparenrs, Iva and Chuck Robinson, my great aunt and uncle, and with other family members shooting off a few fireworks and not getting burned by lots of sparklers. I remember my grandfather Chick Sr. jumping through a large exploding fountain and laughing like their was no tomorrow. I remember my great aunt Iva's amazing pies, especially her peach cobbler. I think my cousins Bob, Ginny and Barb were there too. My what a wonderful time to be young and alive.

Later I remember that we started to go to Wyndal and Mary's because more people wanted in on the fireworks. Soon the little celebration grew to where their were fifty to sixty relatives participating with just the most wonderful home cooking. The fireworks display got bigger and bigger every year. People would park at the bottom of Smith's hill and watch the display. People started coming from all over. I remember and occasional firework would fall over and someone in the crowd would be hit with flying sparks and have something to tell their friends for weeks. Norman Bowman and Ralph Barr would cook the hotdogs and the food would be laid out on the same table on Mary's porch that I ate at when we were putting up hay. The Barr's, Bowman's, Robinson's, Smith's Jacoby's, Butcher's, Parker's, Haye's, Costello's, Klaus', Redington's,and Burke's, just to name a few, were all well represented. Bill Large, who lived in the house south of the store, had a cannon that he used to pull out every Fourth of July. Bill, who was a dynamiter for one of the oil companies in Alton , also had peacocks which became a must see by everyone new to the Fourth in Hagaman.

Finally it got so big that it was moved to Hagaman and the town hall. By this time the Robinson General Store was closed but the area outside the store just across the road served as a ball yard, egg throwing contest court and a great area for the firework display that now lasted at least an hour. It was here where people ate and danced all night in the town hall to the playing of instruments like an old upright piano and harmonicas. And it was here that Charlie Jacoby touched this celebration that sometimes now lasted for days, that brought in many people from many walks of life:even a Presidential candidate's parents.

I need to stop now and ask that if anyone has pictures of this time to please share them so I can put them Up HERE! The page is under construction and will probably turn into multiple pages. Dan Jacoby