Wind in the Oaks

The memories of this house will follow me always.Like this snow that seemed to fall around Thanksgiving, I can still remember that sharp, stinging, biting, first breath of winter. I spent rainy summer days in the "south" room watching the rain and listening to the thunder as summer storms rode in on strong winds. There is so much history here. Those 4 a.m. wake ups to go duck hunting. The 4th of July with firecrackers, cherry bombs, and 3rd degree burns shared with cousins. For a while Bill and Charlie Jacoby threw a huge 4th of July celebration in front of the store and the town hall .(see 4th of July pages in future).

St. Catherine's Catholic Church

St. Catherine's is no longer there. The archdiocese closed this mission church and in 2006 they tore the church down. It was not because of a lack of offers to buy the church.
Sunday was always a social event both before and after church. Farmers and country folk would show up early just to catch-up. You shook hands with the priest when you left long before it became a common practice. Many were baptized here, and many have been walked to St. Catherine's Cemetery from here.

Hagaman Tigers

Top Row:Pete Flannigan, Leo Robinson, Scut Lamb, unknown.
Bottom Row:Bill Redington, F. Kruse, Chuck Robinson, Chick Jacoby,Sr., E. Ambrose.

Emmanuel Robinson

Emmanuel's mother died giving birth to him. He is the brother of Mable and Bud Robinson.