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Charlie’s Annual 8th of July Revival
Where: Hagaman, Illinois
When: July 4th, 2016
Why: This will be the 8th consecutive 4th of July picnic. We have been getting over a hundred visitors on the fourth now. Free t shirts while they last. big fireworks show all up close and personal and some times to close for comfort

Elizabeth and Kathleen Jacoby

14 January 2012

Well sad to say since the inception of this web page that Al " Boot " Butcher and Chuck Jacoby have passed away. Boot was an avid hunter and a dedicated family man. He was my dad's closest friend. I spent many a Fall afternoon in a duck blind with Al, listening to his stories and marveling at a guy so in touch with nature. My uncle, Chuck Jacoby, passed after Al. He was the second oldest of Chick and Mayme Jacoby and was married to Peg Jacoby. He was Charlie and Diane Jacoby's father. Chuck was a very succesful business executive and lived in Palm Springs , California. Chuck played in two college All Star games and went 101 yards for a touchdown against the Bears in the1945 college allstar game in Chicago.Chuck played three seasons in the original All American Football League with the Chicago Rockets. In my eyes these where both great men and I think about them almost everyday.

dan jacoby

In Memory of Charles Jacoby, Jr.

Robinson General Store

When people think of Hagaman, Illinois, the first thought is that of the Robinson General Store. Well, the above banner is a picture of that store in 1911. Legend has it that the Wright brothers worked there. Charles Robinson(pictured to the far right) once told me he used to run for the Wright brothers and bring back gliders that they experimented with. Chick Jacoby is on the far left. Also pictured are Leo Robinson (second from right), Steve Marko (third from right holding shotgun) and Joe Reddington (fifth from the right).Second from the left is a Marko but we have no first name. Any help in identifying anyone in the pictures on this site would be greatly appreciated. Send information to or call 708 927 2198.

As a child my first memoriesof Hagaman were of Thanksgivings with many of my extended family members in attendance. My Aunt Iva Robinson came to Chicago to help my mother Kathleen Winkle Jacoby with me right after I was born. My Aunt Iva made the most marvelous pies and taught me to fish. I would dig the worms and she and I would spend hours on Hodges Creek fishing for catfish and an ocassional largemouth bass. She would tell me stories of her childhood and of raising her children. I loved every moment of it. She died when I was in college, I couldnt get to the funeral, but I cried when I got the news and think of her often. Her husband was Charles Robinson Jr. or just Uncle Chuck. He gave me my love of the St. Louis Cardinals and all that went with it. We would sit in his house next to the radio and listen to Harry Caray weave his magic night after summer night.
I remember the nights of pinocle when Joe Redington, Wyndal and Mary Smith, my dad and mom, Iva, Kate Ross(Robinson) and her husband, Bill, and even an occasional appearance of Bud Robinson would sit at Mayme Jacoby's(Robinson) kitchen table and play cards to way after midnight. We kids would pop popcorn and fall asleep in the chairs after a night of hide and go seek or an infrequent fist fight.
There were the nights we would go out into the dark in front of a great bonfire and listen to fox hounds chase that red tailed fox all over Macoupin bottom. The farmers and local wags could tell by the sound of the hounds if the dogs were hot on the trail of a fox. The dogs made a different sound when they ran a deer. One could tell from the sound just about where those dogs were running. You might hear someone say " ....they are down in Hindle's or up over on Bramley's farm...". The stories those men told were full of wonder about hunts and deeds from long ago. There were roasted hot dogs(weiners) and burnt marshmellows. One night the dogs ran a fox right through the gathering to the surprise of us all. I remember being awakened to go home smelling of smoke and dreaming of the escaping fox. The men never harmed the fox. You see, it was the fun of just listening to the hounds, the fire, and the good company.

Dan Jacoby

The Store of My Childhood

This is the Robinson General in the late 1950's or early 1960's. Note the gas pumps

In the good old summer time

Pictured from left to right: Chick Jacoby Jr., a visiting Republican, Wyndal Smith, and Fred Jacoby Sr.
Taken at Jacoby Lake now owned by William R. Jacoby.

Easter 1911

This picture was taken in 1911, the same year as the picture above in the banner. There are 67 people in this picture. Its spring and warm enough for the young and not so young to have an Easter Sunday picnic. Philip Jacoby my great grandfather is second from the right in the top row.