Robinson Family Tree

1 James Robinson
b. 3/5/1826 Knottingley, Yorkshire,England, d.1861, Madras, India, while overseeing the first British railroad being bulit in India.
Poisoned by natives

1 Catherine Crossland Robinson, widow mother of six, she later married Robert Hayworth(b England), farmer in Hagaman. Robert died in 1879. Catherine Crossland Robinson Heyworth d.Oct 8 1902, age 75

2 George C Robinson, b. 4/18/1855, Peterborough, Northhamptonshire, England. Came to America with older brother John W. Robinson, arrive New York City Oct 12, 1866, work with Uncle William Crossland 1866-1871, Jersey City

2 John W. Robinson, resided in Hagaman, was deputy postmaster, ran general store, married Johanna O'Connor of St. Louis, had 4 children, John, James, Edward and Mary Ellen.

2 Mary C. Robinson, married Joseph G. Bilbrook, farmer from Hettick, d 1881

2 Elizabeth Robinson, married Albert E. Dennis, farmer from Rockbridge, had seven children, those who survived were George F.,Sidney, James F. and Catherine Dennis.

2 Charles C. Robinson, married Kate Redington, daughter of John Redington, farmer in Hagaman, was Postmaster in Hagaman, appointed by President Cleveland and the Coronor of Macoupin County, children were Leo, Mayme, and Charles Robinson Jr.Charles Robinson Jr (Iva) was the father of 3 Kathleen(Kate (Bill) Ross and Mary (Wyndal) Smith ( 4 Barbara Butcher(5Brent, 5 Brad and 5 Donell), 4 Virginia Reed, 4 Robert(Faye) Smith(5 Becky and 5 Abbigail),4 Michael(Linda) Smith.

2 James Robinson married Grace Cooley, Postmaster Hagaman, had three children Mabel, James Byron, and Emmanuel Robinson

George C. Robinson

George C. Robinson arrived in New york City with his older brother John W. on October 12, 1866. From 1866 to 1871 the brothers worked for their Uncle William Crossland for clothes and board. In 1871 Catherine Crossland Robinson settles in Hagaman, Illinois.George moved to Jersey County Illinois where he worked for a C. Sanders for five years and two years with V.C. Dodge, a neighbor and farmer. George opened a small store at Kemper, Jersey County, and was appointed village postmaster by President Garfield. In 1881 he sold the store to the Still brothers and he moved to Chesterfield Township where he opened a general store and ran it for two years. He sold the store to take a trip with his uncle, William Crossland, to England which would last six months. He returned to Kemper, bought out the general store of G.B. Harland, and stayed in Kemper until 1886. He sold that store and bought the store of John Burrell in Hettick, and he also became postmaster. George became a large realestate owner in Hettick, Medora and Shipman townships. He married Margaret Kirkland, daughter of Thomas Kirkland, a carpenter and joiner of Kemper. (Thomas Kirkland was married to Margaret C. Gilbert: whole family was born in England except the twins:John Thomas, William, Margaret C., Luella, and the twins Frank Huin and Charles). George and Margaret had five children: Florence Viola, John W., George Thomas, William and Edith May. George belonged to the Methodist Church, was a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, the Macoupin County Agricultural Society, and was the village board president.